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Specifications :

  • Take off location : Beauvais (Paris), France
  • Time on site : allow full day
  • Flight duration: select 30mn or 60mn
  • Price: from 1950 euros for 30mn
  • Conditions and restrictions: flights subject to weather conditions * forbidden to people with known heart and neurological problems
  • Booking: at least 4 weeks before your preferred date to guarantee availability
  • Booking can be done either by bank transfer or online on

Fighter jet specifications – Fouga Magister:

  • Length: 33ft
  • Max speed: Mach 0.8
  • Charge factor: +8G/-4G
  • Engine: twin engine with famous V Tail

PICTURES(click here for pics)


Fighter jet experience – details of the day:

  • Arrive on site late morning (about 10h30)
  • You will be greeted by our pilots and team – enjoy a bit of coffee whilst you “meet” the jet fighter.
  • Briefing: security, instruments, flight plan
  • Then get suited up and get in the Fouga Magister
  • Instruments briefing in the cockpit.
  • Enjoy your flight!
  • We will celebrate with a drink at the end of the day. Your friends and family are welcome to see you fly.

Flights are filmed and you get a tape or DVD of your fighter jet experience (Cameras may break due to the Gs they have to sustain).

The fighter jet experience in the Fouga Magister includes: the flight, & the film

Want to go ahead?

Call us or email us, or book directly online: Book Fouga Magister 30mn - Vol en avion de chasse